Iy-yi-yi - Not really anything huge on my mind but I am simply procrastinating! I have one final project for the semester to finish and I have been sitting here for more than four hours - successfully avoiding wrapping my brain around the objective of completing it. THOUGH I can say, I did move on a part of it in the last 30 minutes!

I can totally relate to kids who have ADD or ADHD; it takes me a bit of unwinding and de-cluttering to focus and do! My roommate use to laugh at me when I would start working on an assignment; I would make several trips out to the livingroom and kitchen to do the oddest of things...get a snack, vacuum, do some exercises, organize my cd's, floss my teeth...LOL; then after an hour or two, I would begin engaging in my work. Once i get there, it is truly a feast of learning.

So this is what I have done in the last four hours: lit the candles in the house, played different cd's (of course I spent time rummaging through boxes and storage to find some favorites - still in search for my favorite Christmas album Josh Groban's Noel), enjoyed some yummy hummus and salsa with chips, some italian coffee, called the phone company to work out some things with my bill and my plan with them, played on Facebook, chatted with an old friend on facebook and called my mom, and of course, played with Baby Kitty; to name a few! And now, I am blogging!

I have to laugh at myself. I do feel that familiar "settling down" sense as my thoughts become more orderly and focused...the feast is about to begin!


Anonymous said…
LOL..I hear ya..
~ Amanda ~ said…
i so the same sorts of things to procrastinate. i tell myself it's because i can't have a clear mind if there is clutter in my house. hehe

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