Highlights of 2008

It's New Years eve and my favorite thing to do on this "holiday" is to reflect over the past year and journal what I see. I like new beginnings, I like clear turning points, I like to see the footsteps behind me and even though some of the ground I covered was rough and jagged, I discover that I did grow, God was faithful and Good through it. My heart is always encouraged. So, tonight I thought I would journal some of the highlights of 2008:

One of the top most things that I experienced was the best teaching experience I have had in my teaching career. I remembering trembling with fear as I approach the last teaching assignment in a new, rough school and asking people to pray for me. The whole experience was phenomenal. Everything from God providing me a place to stay as the commute was really far and the gas was really expensive, the students I taught, the subject I taught, the friends God put around me, the beautiful mornings driving to school and the new friends I gained while in Jacksonville. The whole thing left me with such a sweet taste in my month; it truly was a gift from the Lord!

Pieces of Truth God spoke to me: I Corinthians 2:12, the importance of being Thankful (Romans 1:21), I Corinthians 1:24 "Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God", Psalm 40:1-3(Patiently wait), I Peter 3:18 "For Christ died... to bring you to God." Oh my, there are a LOT! I will not list everyone but OH how encouraging to see GOD's fingerprint and voice consistently with me. Most recently, God's grace became fresh to me and God began (and continues to show) Himself to me, washing away some false perceptions that had crept into my thinking.

AND of course, another HUGE highlight, that was more of a process, was moving up to SC, starting a new season of life, buying a house, being a student again - HUGE!! There are so many things I miss from home but I know God is steadying my feet and doing good things in me. It is scary at times, but I can say, I have had no issue with doubt or misgiving in this change. It is incredible to realize this as I am prone to second guess myself so much. I do remember ONE day when I felt a question float up in my soul, but almost immediately the LORD blew it away with assurance I am in the right place.

I look forward to 2009! I am joining Beth Moore's challenge to memorize two verses a month this next year. I want to be transformed in my thinking, to break bad habits and to be renewed and changed to reflect more of Him - the only way for this to truly happen is to wash myself in the Word! And of course, I need to get myself back into exercising more regularly - I have really fallen off the wagon in this area this past year!

Thanks for "Trekk'in" with me in 2008! Happy New Year!


Rebekah said…
Happy New Year sweet friend!!!
Saija said…
i've been thinking of memorizing - again ... i have tried it over the years - but i think i try to cram too many verses into my brain - i think beth is on to something, with only memorizing a few verses, maybe the babysteps will grow through time ...

it sounds like you had an exciting year ... may the excitement continue!

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