Time to Update!

Whew! I am just taking a seat after making some headway on a few of my house projects this morning. The house is quiet, except for Kenny G playing Christmas tunes. I have laundry to hang out before the morning gets too far along but I thought I would jot a line here to say Hello to my friends who check on me now and then =)

I finished my first semester! Woo-hoooo!! I have a goal oriented mindset so when a goal is reached I like to cheer! And I also realize that i have about four more semesters to go, I wish it would not be so long - but when you think about it in numbers like "4" - it doesn't seem so long! Thank you all for your prayers. God used this last semester to work in my mind and my heart. It is all good.

Right now - the Christmas Holidays are here and it truly is fun! I don't have ONE piece of Christmas decor up! Not yet anyhow, I tried to get Kitty to get some things done but, well, you know, she doesn't always carry out my wishes.... Somehow she has ME trained. I hope to get some lights up and ornaments around the house. I at least want the neighbors to know I celebrate Christmas!!

My parents are coming over here to celebrate Christmas and J & T & M(my brother and family) will be together and of course Sue will be joining us a few days after Christmas. Sue is a close family friend; basically we grafted her in years ago! ;-)

I thankfully, and surprisingly, have a few extra days off before Christmas! Wonderful! The Lord works in mysterious ways....seriously! I have had a tough week involving my work and I am truly in need of time off!

Well - since I started this entry and now, I have hung out the laundry and gained two house guests! I am watching two sweet boys of a friend of mine...so Larry-boy and the talking tomatoe (name? Goes to show I don't normally have kids around!) are on the TV and pizza is in the oven for a yummy lunch! What a treat! (Two little fellows, good food and entertainment to bless my day!)


Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas!

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