14,000 Things to be Happy about!

Tonight I enjoyed going shopping with a friend. She and I shared the same disdain for shopping so we made a good pair - IN & OUT, "what's the next item on the list?" okay, list done! I have been called "the purpose driven shopper" - let's make this as fast and painless as possible please!

Our last stop was a notable book store and as she found her last item on her list, I meandered around; a bookstore is an pleasant and interesting place to wait for someone. As I made my way through the calendar section, getting a few laughs from a "BAD CAT" calendar - (hilarious!), my eye caught a little coffee table book called: "14,000 things to be Happy about!" It was sweet and simple and gave me an idea of this post! So here are a few things, but not nearly as many as 14,000, I found to be happy about JUST today!!

--hanging clothes on the line, a cup of italian coffee, two handsome toddlers to love on, sunshine, flip-flops, the sound of the ring of my new phone, finding out I have voicemail on my land line, sleeping in, waking up feeling rested, a peaceful joyful contented heart, Christmas, washing clothes, a clean house, new shelves, organizing my books on the new shelves, my books, reading God's word, the smell of coffee, fruit juice, emails, sunroof, rolling down the windows and the wind blowing my hair, good hair day, pizza, candles, bargains, new purchases, hot water, hearing my niece singing when i spoke to my brother on the phone, friends, eating out, kitty curling up in my lap as i watch TV, watching "The Secret Millionaire," staying up late because i can sleep in tomorrow.....there are MANY more but I figure you don't want to read anymore!


Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers!
Saija said…
i'm a non shopper too!
but bookstores don't count in the shopping part ... :o)

and i loved your list of things to be thankful for ... i can say amen to that!

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