Too Much Fun

This past weekend i was blessed beyond words! God orchestrated a wonderful weekend!  As i saw my weekend literally come together - I marveled at how God likes to hear us laugh and just enjoy Life!  God blessed me several ways: First I was able to spend time with friends who fill me up!  Second, it was perfectly put into place by Him!  I am pretty good at manipulating things and I am trying to learn to rest and sit back and follow God's lead; the events of the past weekend He helped me and blessed me by simply allowing Him to lead, and me following!

First, I attended a wedding Saturday night.  I really didn't feel like I knew the couple well, but it was within family ties so i attended.  Weddings are fun and you get to share in a celebration of Love and Joy!  I enjoyed going with friends, dressing up and celebrating with everyone.  

Sunday I worked with someone who needed some TLC in the morning; I enjoyed helping and I think I met my next new member of my family: a labrador-husky puppy, only about 2 weeks old!  I hope to bring him/her home in the new several weeks!  I will be sure to post about that big event!  

Then, almost simultaneously, I had word that some very good friends were driving through the area and a good friend was in Raleigh for a short visit.   I made plans to meet up with both as one would coincide with the other on route!  The next 48 hours spilled over with fun, ice cream, coffee, go-cart racing, a game of hide & seek in Target, singing, dancing, goofiness gallore!  So much laughter, rich fellowship and sheer Joy my sides hurt!  I can't even begin to tell how this filled my heart!  

Psalm 119:175 "Let me LIVE that I may praise You!"


Sue Magee said…
Next time you have that much fun I want to be with you, too, o.k.?
:) Friendships and fun is so spiritual!! I love it! :)

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