Over doing it!

This morning I power walked 3 miles! I enjoy running and staying active but with my moving and unpredictable schedule lately, getting in a run or even a workout video is hard to do. Needless to say, when i don't get my regular exercise in, i begin to feel a bit slobbish! Plus, my diet has been all over the place, not having my own kitchen i can't be as picky about what i eat. I just thank the Lord for the food that i am blessed to receive - i try not to eat out too much, especially when i am watching my pennies.

So, this morning, i had the time and energy to get outside and enjoy a vigorous walk. It was too hot to run. I pushed it! It always feels good after a good workout but i think i may have overdone it! My legs are sore as if i ran 10 miles! No pain, no gain they say! (Who is "they" anyway?)

I have so much to be thankful for - God has provided me a place to stay, food to eat, work to have a paycheck, and health to enjoy each day! It is beautiful in South Carolina; i think the soil is richer here as the trees and grass are so green and flowers seem happy, so full of color! It is quite a contrast with the sandy soil in FL which causes a scrubby forest...though i do miss the ocean.

I close on my house in about two weeks! As soon as i sign those papers i will be heading south to move myself completely up here! I can hardly wait! Kitty is patiently waiting with me! Here is a recent picture of her - "SMILE KITTY!"


Madeline must love the kitty!!

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