On the Hunt

I am officially looking for a full time job.  My current job has exhausted itself; my program is coming to a halt with only my internship to complete.  Finishing my internship will take a while I am guessing and right now it looks like a very haphazard thing; a little here, a little there... So, I must look for fulltime employment.

Hunting for a fun job, in this time and place, and always with me being the hunter, is a challenge!  I have a few things on my resume that look good and are very helpful, but I admit i feel very intimidated, scared, weak, and unacceptable.  Talk about vulnerability.  I hate hate "selling" myself.  hate. it.

Being Chosen is my favorite.  It's everyone's favorite!

When I look back over my career path, 9 out of ten of those were handed to me.  Seriously, once i simply walked on the premises and a lady met me on the sidewalk in front of the main office and offered me the job!

So, I sent in my first resume this morning.  It seems like a fantastic fit - at least the job description does... but i know my resume must be sent out more... like scattering seed.  Not sure where it will land or what soil is ready.

So, I am asking you all  who read this blog for prayer.  Thankfully, i do have part time work right now, and keep plenty busy.   My wish is to see something materialize in January.... I know, there are many out there who have looked longer and wider... it is hard times.  God is our provider; MY PROVIDER.

Thanks Ya'll!
Trekin' on


Jen said…
Praying the right job lands in your lap! Thanks for entering my giveaway, too! Names will be drawn tonight!
Melanie said…
Praying for you too!!

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