Dog-gone Cold

Okay, this is South Carolina.  I know I mentioned a few months back the joys of each season lasting 3 months, give or take a few weeks; offering a good heaping, helping of that particular season weather.   I am trying to remind myself of these perks when I am too cold to even take my poor puppy for a walk.

The Weather Man just said we broke TWO records today: it has not gotten over 37 degrees today... I am sitting here on my couch, wrapped in my green blanket and silk cuddle duds.  Okay... let's think of some things to be thankful for in these temperatures:

1.  Kitty is much more affectionate; even now she laying over my arm as a type.  She is a great little heater.

2.  Cuddle duds.

3.  Flannel sheets

4.  A cozy house: there a so many homeless here in Columbia, I can't even imagine what it would be like to roam the streets in tattered clothes, especially in this weather.

5.  Health: I just worked out to help warm myself up, AND burn up all the extra calories I have eaten lately. Go for my "FIRM" exercise videos!

6.  Peace in my Heart.  I may have moments of longing, wishful thinking and aches for things I don't have or think I want... but I have Peace in my heart that God loves me and I am in His Hands.

7.  Work: I have a job! I am praying for a new job but for today, I do have a job(a few jobs) even if it (they are) is more or less part time.

8.  I have a Future and a Hope: Jeremiah 29:11

9.  Christmas: it feels more like Christmas when it is cold! I do hope it snows this winter... makes the cold worth it when beautiful flakes land on your eyelashes.  ("Snow flakes that stay on my nose and")

10.  Pumpkin Bread and other holiday goodies!!

11.  Babysitting some amazingly cute kiddos... and enjoying the grown up jokes in Cartoons - CRACKED up hearing a list of degrees..."PH.D, MED, S.T.P" The "S.T.P." was the letter "S" on a roll of Toilet Paper.... i laughed for about ten minutes while the kids just stared at me as if to say, "what's so funny?"

12.  Wearing Scarves and an excuse to go shopping for some silky undershirts!!


Melanie said…
Love a thankful heart!! :D
Tammie said…
Thanks for your comment Mel; they just make my day!

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