Little House, Full Bed, Kitty Baths

"can't catch me."
I am a little tired today.  It can all be blamed on this varmint.

"it's my favorite to get my picture taken!"
Last night my folks came to town bringing sweet Sasha home!  She seemed happy to be home and we all loved on her a lot - she really liked that!

I came home from school to find a wonderful dinner of grilled hamburger and mac'n cheese!  Toys were typically haphazardly ornamenting the living room floor - evidence of my brother and nieces being present for a mini-family reunion.  It is nice to come home to a full house - yet my house screams "little house" when they all descend.

Bed time rolled around - none too soon - I had a long day and I had started early.  My folks stayed with me and since i have a queen size bed, my mom slept with me.  I have flannel sheets on my bed for the winter months - which i love, love, love - yet i discovered something last night.  It gets REALLY hot when there are two bodies in the bed - i think those flannel sheets are secret heat conduits.  I pretty much had to strip down to my... skivvies.  Note to Self: if i ever get married, no flannel sheets will be needed.

As we were pulling into bed, Baby Kitty decided she wanted to join us.  It was cold and she wound up on my pillow.  I did not mind so much - as she kept my head warm, that is the only part that seems to get very cold - until she decided it was time to give herself a bath around 3AM.  Good grief, she should squeak, she is so clean - she licked, and licked and licked.  When she then decided she would walk back and forth above our heads, she lost bed privileges.  She did not like that too much so she decided to pretend she was a burrowing critter under the bed.... i was about to skin me a cat.

"who me? I am innocent until proven guilty."
"Yeah... this is the way i like it."
I think she was jealous of all the attention and loving Sasha go the night before - and she was none too happy Sasha's crate was in the kitchen with her arch-enemy curled up, happy and warm.  I was beginning to imagine that feline in the crate....

To learn more of Sasha's recent adventures, go here.


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