An idea has been flapping around in my head... over giving.  I can't exactly do a "comment on my blog and in two days you may win this magnificent prize" - kind of contest or drawing, though I don't think it would be too hard for the five of you who read; you should get a prize just for visiting, as it means a LOT to me.  BUT, I wanted to give something via my blog.

I love to give things that have changed or touched my life to others.  Something God used to show me more of Himself or helped me grow or change... so, I thought I would share a few things that have made a difference, this year, in my life.  Then, you can either order it or download it and enjoy it - like a Christmas gift from me to you! So here ya go...

Hunger For Healing by J. Keith Miller.
I had to read this for a class last Spring; this book has seriously changed me - or rather, the Truths the author fleshes out in these pages, have done a marvelous work in me.  grab a copy and read slowly, journal as you go, and see what happens.  :-)

The Story Behind The Shack, W. Paul Young's Testimony : I stumbled across this when I was doing some research last Spring.  It. Changed. My. Life.  I have listened to it numerous times since; it is definitely a "go to" podcast - it brings me to tears almost every time.  God has seriously blessed me - again and again - through it.  I had not even read the book either - so, go for it.  It's free too! (Oh, I have read the book since, and I loved it.)  See my reviews here.

And last but not least, my friend Mardy Freeman's Book, Children of Character - is presently changing my life! I actually ordered her books for a friend who has small children, knowing Mardy's experience and anointing in her ministry to women, especially moms.  Since I had not read it, and just the simple fact that I am very passionate about children and families, I thought I would read it quickly before passing it off to my friend.  In it I have found Life to my Heart - in that it is about character - God working His character in us - the adult - and then passing Him on to our children.  It's Great - get a copy today - only on Amazon "used books" though...

Merry Christmas... in five days!


Hey Tammie, Sweet notes as usual. Missing you and hoping to see you - at least at the retreat next fall. Love you! Mardy xoxoxo

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