Christmas: Holiday of Hope

"Tis the Season to be Jolly...."

I have rolled into this season with mixed emotions.  I am facing saying "goodbye" to my brother and his family in a few days.... the semester is closing fast and i am not sure what is happening next.  It is haunting me like an invisible ghost - something is there i just don't know what. These unknowns, and closings and changes... ugh, i can't really say i am all that jolly.

YET, in the last few months I have sensed in my being a gentle settling... i love my new church, i love the potential ministry opportunities... I am hopeful for what is ahead and God keeps reminding me His heart is worth Trusting even when I can't see: He fills me with inexpressible joy and peace.

So today... I decorated the house a little tiny bit.  I don't want the neighbors to think I am a heathen.  I have to admit Christmas decorations are beautiful and make me feel so at home and loved.  On the other hand, I am kind of lazy in that I run out of vigor when it comes to taking them down... so this year I opted for the less is more theory.  A few well picked decorations.... that are easy to put up and easy to put away.

One major piece of motivation came from the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, as i watched it today.  (I am getting ready to see the Dawn Treader on Friday!- finished the book this week)  In the movie, if you have seen it, Father Christmas visits the Pevensie kids with gifts.  Since the Witch had cursed Narnia with winter for 100 years - one in which Christmas never comes, he had not been there in 100 years.

I loved the line when he shows up - as he, Father Christmas, says to the kids: the people of Narnia are beginning to have Hope in their hearts... which brought him back to Narnia; Hope was weakening the curse; Winter will be over, Spring would be coming soon.

I thought on that... how Hope makes fear disappear.  Hope for New Life.  Hope for better things, for brighter tomorrows, for restoration of things we love and miss.  I thought on that... Jesus came to deal with the curse of sin and death, to restore us to a rightful, loving relationship with the Father, what we were designed for, His Kingdom... He has brought Salvation, reconciliation and with Him we have a Living experience His goodness daily, for Heaven, for Eternal live, for ruling with Him, and seeing His beautiful face!

"He is all we have dreamed He would be and more"...another line from the movie i watched today, C.S. Lewis was brilliant!

That is when I jumped off the couch and pulled out the Christmas decorations from the attic. I want everything about me to say, "Jesus has Come, He is the King of Kings, Merry Christmas!!"


Lissa said…
Your reason for puling out Christmas decorations is so refreshing, Tammie! Instead of just putting stuff up cuz it's Christmas time you are doing it because Jesus has come and it's a celebration of His birth. very cool:)

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