YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!!!!!

My goodness!! I can not even put into words how happy I am that I am able to be back into my blog!!  I have been locked out for almost a week; and i was seriously feeling some grief over losing my blog here.  I could hardly believe the loss i felt!  This little blog has become like a first born to me... my creative outlet, my baby.... and I thought i had lost it forever!!!

I attempted starting a new blog too... Place of Palms yet i could not get the "umph" up to begin pouring myself into it... so, i guess i will leave it be - maybe the Lord has a purpose for that blog too.  I will wait and see.  Nothing happens by accident... and i was trying to listen throughout this frustrating experience - through my surprising emotional grief... for what the Lord was trying to say... it just seemed like a frustrating thing that I could do nothing about... yet... the key to solving it was not known to me and was easy, easy, easy.  Reminds me of a sermon I heard years ago... about the First son of the Prodigal son story.  He was all upset at the Father's extravagant lavish display of love and grace to his rebellious younger brother... and the Father's words were, "all that I have is yours." All the time, it is right there - at your access.  You just don't see how to use it.

Anyhow... I feel a HUGE celebratory relief and joy over being back in my blog... Shall we do a little dance?? :-)


Rick Higgins said…
I love your blog Tammie, inspirational, joyful, and fun! Keep on dancing!

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