No Sugar Girl!

No More Sugar.  Yep.

I don't know about you but over the last year I have been giving myself a lot of liberties in the sweets area. Somehow a sneaky philosophy came over me - "I worked out this morning, so i can eat dessert every meal AND three oreo's with a small glass of milk today..."  or "I will workout in the morning so I can have my favorite brownie cup with ice cream dessert creation... again, tonight..."

I was in denial.  I have come to realize I need HELP! I must stop. Now, no like a few months ago.  I confess... i have fallen... yes, pride comes before a fall... me, Miss Health Nut.

So... a few weeks ago (actually it was Christmas WEEK of all weeks) I had had enough of myself:  there were things pushing out where I have never had problems before... good grief.

I have given myself a small vice: my coffee.  I like those fancy flavored creamers... but i am working on an alternative to wean myself off.  And my sugar will become Xylitol: my limited knowledge of this sweetener tells me it actually reduces sugar cravings.  AND sugar is additive... ever notice how you can eat like 20 million oreos and only one banana?  Yeah... think about it.  God's sweetener satisfies... Man's processed stuff... leaves you fat and NOT happy.  Hmmm, nice theology there... far... i have been pretty good.  I have not been totally cold turkey - moderation came into play especially being that my sister in love made her amazing cinnamon rolls over Christmas.... and my other sister in love gave me a bag of delicious red raspberry cookies.

This is not a New Years Resolution... just a wake up call for a change.  I will post my New Years Resolutions New Years Day.  I know you are so absolutely dying to know what they are... lol.

So.. this is to keep me accountable.  Think I can do it?? Here's to the tryin'!!


Melanie said…
Hey! I think I may join ya!
Tammie said…
oh good :-) I went out w/ some gals last night and they did NOT help me with my goal. But, today is a new day... love you Mel!!

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