Snow/Ice Day #2 = More Fun

You've seen this before...
remember, back in the summer time?

Here is what it looked like then:

 Remember Waterford in the Fall

This would be Waterford in the Winter!!!
Can you see ANY resemblances???  Reminds me of that picture game in the Highlights magazine... find the differences.... or in this case, the similarities!

Practicing taking photos... not so bad, huh? This would be the Ice part of the Snow Day #2

Marvelous color....

His Handiwork is breathtaking to behold!!

A neighbors Christmas decor added some spice to this lonely lantern

My friend's street... can you see my little furkid companion?

The house behind this tree is one of my favorite in the neighborhood; i love the silhouette of the tree...

And this is another benefit of a Snow Day in South Carolina :-) That would be my feet in some cozy slippers.... these are not even my favorite slippers but these have a rubber sole in case I get motivated to crunch around outside in a little while... unless i decide to go on another walk... that of course would require me to put on my handy dandy hiking boots.  All in a Snow Days hard work...


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