Confessions of the Day

Some bitter coldness is rolling our way outside and I am feeling like a true Florida gal... while NYC is powdering up with the white stuff, and somewhere out in no-man's-land it is well below freezing... I sit here in SC watching the thermometer still teetering on 50 degrees, shivering and in gridlock under my blankie.

It being Friday, I figure it was a good time to share some confessions of the soul - I hear it is good for you.

1.  I don't make my bed everyday.

2.  I talk to myself and often say things in a third person comedian type of way and laugh out loud at my own diatribe...

3.  I am a self-diagnosed A.D.D or A.D.H.D. - I get distracted easily.... what was I doing?

4.  I have not been a total "no sugar" gal since New years day...though the scale scared me half to death a few nights ago and I have done MUCH better since!!

5.  I like my outfits to match somehow... like everything... I may be the only one who knows that fact in my day, and it makes me happy when I accomplish that!

6.  I have a widow's peak and did not know it until about two years ago!

7.  I despise movies such as "Napoleon Dynamite"... despise it completely...

8.  9 times out of ten, I have a song floating through my head... usually triggered by some random thought or comment, 10 out of 10 of those times, it is usually just one phrase or portion of that song and it goes over and over and over in my subconscious... for a long time.

9.  I read the instructions on most things in the shower such as my shampoo (like reading it will make it work better) or my conditioner....

10.  I have a thing about my tires: I am scared to death to have a flat.... the mere thought makes me so nervous.... so vulnerable... so I am always checking my tires and when my car is serviced, I always ask, without fail, please check my tires!

Now... I feel better; well... not really... but that was kind of fun.  Your turn!! IF you just read through those trivial facts please make my day and leave at least ONE thing that is a "confession" about you! ;-)


Melanie said…
2 and 7...yes!

Happy Sunday!
Billy said…
I never wash my dog and then I call her stinky.

I still let her jump up in bed sometimes.

I bought games for Christmas that I didn't give away.

I have dishes on the counter from breakfast... two weeks ago.
J. said…
I'm an avid mustache enthusiast

I abhor peanut butter

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