Breakfast is Served

I have been having some odd notions lately... odd desires to try something new (like trying a new sport/exercise), cook something different... odd dreams have been happening too.

This idea hit me Sunday when I was trying to listen to the sermon.  It may have been the hunger building in my tummy as I had a hasty Sunday morning only downing a cup of coffee before I dashed out the door.  Or it may have been on account of watching too many $40-a-Day with Rachael Ray recently... bad show for me to watch as it only gets my travel itch irritated.

Anyhow... though I have never made them, my brain started churning up images of crepes.  Go figure? Rachael Ray said they were simple and easy... hmmmm; my imagination had my pan heated in my mind before the benediction was said: amen.  Let's Get Home and Get some cookin' on!

RR was right, they are simple and easy - AND unlike my report with pancakes they turned out beautiful the first try, and the second, and third...!!

Here is proof:
Isn't it beautiful!!!

I was delighted when I remembered I had some of this in my cupboard!

Proof that it looked good after leaving the pan... these did not stick around too long...

A little spreading of the Nutella.....

A little rolling action.... was pretty much inhaled...
We tried peanut butter and jam on a few others as well:
It made for a delicious lunch!
 This Morning though... we pulled out all the stops!

A dear friend brought over some raspberries... we whipped up a nice raspberry sauce, sliced up some bananas, sprinkled a little powdered sugar... and Ta-DAAA!!  

Now you must admit... this is mouth-water-ing-ly beautiful (like my new word there??)
Anyone want to join me for breakfast?? :-)


Melanie said…
yum... love crepes! My mother used to make them for us as kids! mmm..good!

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