Audrey Assad - Restless (Slideshow With Lyrics)

I had a really great day today. It started with a chilly walk on my favorite trail this morning; it's been a while since I have done that ... my mind meandered as I walked along, drinking in the beauty of the morning. Leaves floated down like a scene made in Heaven... sometimes I wish I could capture such beauty in a photo, but I am not that good plus I left my camera at home.

I am thankful my heart is in a restful place these days. He is the Keeper of my heart and He knows the way in which it has traveled. He has poured His loving balm over it when it has not been so peaceful or restful. I am so thankful He works in ALL things good. Many things we will not understand until we have heaven's soil on our shoes. I can trust His Heart when I can't trace His Hand. Yet, I am SO thankful when He gives us glimpses of understanding to the twists and turns of our hearts and the journey we walk.

This Song is precious... this particular day could have been hard for some good reasons. Yet... my heart has remained peaceful... and hopeful.

My Soul Finds Rest In God Alone.

Thank You Jesus. I love You!


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