A Little Excursion

An Awesome Bridge!! 
Three weddings in about 8 weeks.... two in the last week.  Those latter two took me out of town... which is fun - though I am exhausted because I have literally been running in and out of my house.  My roommate just commented on how fast-pace our lives have been in the last week.  We have only filled one bag of trash since last trash pick up... usually it is at least 2-3 or 4.  Wow.

My dear friend Deidre wedded Friday night.  It was amazingly beautiful.  It was a beautiful wedding and a very nice reception - with fun dancing and a newlywed game... :-)  It was in St. Augustine and I relished in being in FL as it is the perfect temperature, 70-80ish - the first morning I had to changed from my two layer sweater top to a short sleeve shirt and flip-flops! Amazing that you can travel a few hours and the temperature change so drastically.  I even went running the second morning - in shorts and a short sleeve top... it is so much easier to run in FL - it's flatter and not so cold.  Though I must admit, I have fallen in love with the brilliant fall colors in SC.  As I drove north I just smiled as I saw the yellows, oranges and red begin popping out in the trees on my northern bound trek.  God blesses me so much! Dog-gone, He just spoils me to pieces!! So... I thought I would share a few of the things that thrilled my heart in my little excursion this weekend:
"This is how you stand on one leg..."

This guy somehow reminded me of Gordon - my former boss.  :-) Heee - heeee

Me in the middle of Mr. and Mrs. Lightner! 
Each table at the reception was named for one of the many places this couple has either lived, or experienced.    I sat at the "Jacksonville, FL" table. One of my favorite places!

I made it within seconds of the sunrise - as soon as my feet hit the board walk, the sun peeked through the eastern sky!


Melanie said…
Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

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