The Afters - Light Up The Sky - Music Video (Official)

One thing that God is showing me more and more is He is a LOVING God and HE is here with me - with us!! In the past years I have had some dark days when I felt just the opposite: in the recent few years God has been peeling back those layers of lies that I allowed to lay over my heart and mind. So much like Eve... doubting God's intention to be her everything and give her more than she imagined - in His Way and Time which is beautifully perfect...

In the last few days I heard a message that pointed out something A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. He takes us into the desert to build up our discouraged hearts... so we can be strong in Spirit.. and like John the Baptist ... every single one of our actions will point to Jesus. I can not even tell you how many truth lessons have been pointing to His Greatness, His Love, and His presense and His desire for me to totally depend on Him, Trust Him... Love Him completely lately. As I see this truth, this purpose... more and more, my stubborn independence, self defenses, excuses and selfishness is being disarmed by His quiet whisper of kindness, to trust Him. I want to abandon myself to Him as a Bride abandons her all to her Groom, moving with a deep passion to be with her Man.... all arguments cease because of her knowing He is the One. He is her all... Even that illustration is something God painted in my head today - through my prayer time with Him this morning and reading a few blogs that left this powerful impression.

This song... reminds us... He is with us... and that HOPE... God is with Us... Lights up the Darkness! I hope you enjoy this song... listen to it a few times... and let His love wrap you up tight and set you free from fear and doubt! He loves us... oh that we may grasp that more and more.... Ephesians 3:14-21


Melanie said…
With us and in us... amazing. Great song!

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