Lovely (Brrrr) Fall

For this little FL chick the last few days have been "Brrrrrrrr!!!" here in South Carolina! I had to turn on the heat to get the chill out of the house a few mornings ago. I tried holding save money... and I made it the whole month of October plus a few days on either side without heat or AC. But when the top of my head and my ears get cold when I am sleeping and I wake up shivering, IT IS TIME FOR THE HEAT - and my flannel sheets. My flannel sheets are ONE of my FAVORITE things about the temps dropping. There isn't anything much cozier than snuggling down into my sweet bed wrapped all up in my flannel sheets. It is as snug as a bug in a rug....

It is a Beautiful day this November 8th. I am kinda feelin' like a slug because when it's cold i just like to curl up and stay warm; so this morning I did not walk Sasha, though I did go to the gym, but our class was canceled so I did not push myself near as hard - cause I am a wimp like that when no one is yellin' "TURN IT UP" - I will cruise. Bah... I know, so my lazy tail did not want to move too fast this morning.

My lazy mood continued most of the day as I had ambitions to get my project written up, but do you think I got much done.... well, as I said, it has been a lazy day. I did get a little walk this afternoon; it was incredibly beautiful.... I had to walk Samson, the dog of my boss.  He is a little poodle mix dog and "Samson" is an oxymoron of a name!  Yep, that is one of my perks of the day. I like it. Only wish Sasha could join us...

 One more thing. I bought the most beautiful scarf today and some warm socks at Tuesday Mornings, one of my most favorite "outlet" type stores to shop. My Sweet mom gave me some money to buy Socks... i squeezed a scarf in too. :-) Thanks Mom!  Love having a few days with her - even if we all like to watch Hallmark movies that make us BALL - yes, if you would have dropped by last night for pizza and popcorn... you would have noticed teary eyes and some nose blow'in as we watched, "Though None Go With Me."  Mom (and Me too) loves those kinds of movies!
Love my New Scarf!


Anonymous said…
i like your new scarf too :)

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