Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Book Club Invite

Hey Friends!! 

I am a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia and I am absolutely lovin' that they are making some Great movies based on this series!! My FAVORITE Story in the series is about to be released this December; believe me, I will be there opening night!!! As my anticipation has been growing, i got an idea!  It has been many moons since i read this particular book - and i want to read it again before seeing the movie.  Sound fun?? Well, it would be even MORE FUN if i had a few friends reading it with me - or reading it with your family - and then to all go see it... of course, ideally together - but at least we can all plan to see it and then we can compare notes!!! Sorta like our own little book club and movie review team.   Some of you may already be reading it... and are ahead of me... 

So... do I have any takers?? I am going to begin reading it this weekend - during my Thanksgiving break.  If you want to join in on reading with us - tell me; if you want to go to the movies with me - tell me!!(or if you will be going but can't join me HERE, tell me!) If you can't do either ... tell me!  :-) Basically... i want you to talk to me!! (well, it is kind of lonely around here... ;-) and being partly sanguine... well, ya know, the more people interaction the better!!

If you have not read this story in the series it is definitely worth the effort.  Pick it up and start as soon as possible!! And, FYI, You don't have to read "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" first... each story does tie into the others but it is not totally necessary to read them in order.  

So... whose up to joining me??? 


Melanie said…
We are reading it! :D

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