November Update

Church was amazing yesterday.  I am loving the solid teaching in this new church. I am rejoicing as I watch what God is doing in our little transplanted "cell."  I am anticipating what God has for me, as I embrace this new, mixed with some "older" known members, as well.  It is exciting!

Transitions are hard; I was surprised (though after I recognized what was going on i was not so surprised) even at my own discomfort in moving to this new church.  I admit, I was very happy over the change and what I hopefully imagined church would look like for me in this new setting.  So, when the first few Sundays left me feeling oddly uncomfortable, I was surprised I felt that way; even though it was a positive transition it was still painful.  (BTW, I really don't like using the word "uncomfortable"... it sounds like I am using church to be this cozy bed of roses I can hide away in from the world... NOT.  It is more to describe the odd pain we all experience when we have to transition.)

It's painful to go to a new place, alone, and wonder, "where will I sit?," "Who will I sit with?" - "where do I belong?"  I know even the families sitting together from our little group felt this way as they sat together in this new place, for what we now will begin to call "our church."

The new folks are gently, kindly and lovingly helping us to feel welcome, and settle into being part of them.  The beauty of the grafting-in process has been incredible to watch and experience.

I wanted to give you all an update (uh, who are "you all" anyways...?).

Here is November! With over half of my semester over I am looking ahead to starting an internship in January.  As of right now, I don't know what that will be, would you pray about that with me?  I would surely appreciate it.

A semi-quote (cause I don't remember it verbatim) from yesterday's message challenged me: "The Gospel is not good advice (telling us how to fix something); but GOOD NEWS (What GOD has DONE!!)!"


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