An Amusing Treat

Last Saturday I was in a very silly mood.  I was reading at home and listening to Christmas music on Pandora.  A Jim Brickman song started playing and the album cover was displayed on the screen.  Jim Brickman is a very handsome blue-eyed man.  I flipped on to Facebook and bravely wrote... "I wonder if Jim Brickman is a Christian and if he is single..." verbatim.  A few hours later I noticed an announcement on Facebook from a local coffee shop saying, "Come enjoy a LIVE intimate performance of Jim Brickman, Tuesday...."  I laughed out loud.  How ironic!?

I quickly cut and pasted the announcement and said, "someone is pulling my leg!" to which several family and friends commented and conversed - demanding I better be there with lipstick on! ha!

I love live music, I love coffee, and I love Jim Brickman's music.... so, you know I was there! Yes, with lipstick on too. ;-)  I enjoyed feeling the first beams of the morning sun shine over the city as I sipped my coffee and listened to Mr. Brickman play and talk right in front of me this morning!  I even was brave enough to ask a gal to take my picture with him.  Unfortunately I forgot my good camera; my cell phone doesn't even do justice but it was all I here are a few peeks of my morning.  What a treat - Thanks Lord for such delights!
Simply a Treat.  I am so amused.  


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