School Daze....

I am back in the classroom! You know, a few days ago i had a dream in which my father had a surprise for me...and the look on his face told me it was a good surprise, i felt that wonderful bubbly anticipation of the gift that was coming...i woke with the sensation still in my heart - obviously, my Heavenly Father has wonderful things for me and i believe this dream was from the Lord to remind me of the Joy He has in giving to us....I am reminded of the passage that speaks of God's love for his children and the joy he has in giving good gifts to them!

Being back in the classroom is one of those gifts...last fall i taught in the same classroom as a long-term substitute. It was a tough semester but by the end the Lord brought me through and i left with a genuine love for my students. This window opened back up for me and i have a sweet joy in stepping back in! Plus, it paves the way for me to prepare for the move in June....How wonderful!


Hey Tammie ~ Beth Moore actually has a blog. If I remember I believe you liked her a lot. I thought you would enjoy this.

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