I love music...years ago, i had an epiphany about music. It powerfully unites every part of existance....physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually....I confess, i am deeply romantic and can just find such reprieve in a picture, a song, a note, a scene....somehow, a beautiful tale can evolve from the emotions that are evoked from any one of these things...or visa versa. How precious is this think we are made in the Likeness of our Creator...this mysterious romantic creativity comes from Him! Thank You Lord for imprinting this trait in man.....


:..Rebekah..: said…
How beautiful! How true that music units every part of existance. This is such a lovely post. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. It's wonderful to "meet" you!
I like your new look! Beautiful post sweet sister! I absolutely love is hard to have a silent house, car..I love to have music going! God made a good thing!

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