The Martyr's Song

I am a fan of an author by the name of Ted Dekker. Among his books, the most recent book i read by him was quite is short, but worth the read! I think our view of God's kingdom, of death, and of life is far too small. He IS an AWESOME God...i believe we have lost the meaning of that word in this generation.

Go pick up "The Martyr's Song"....and expect the unexpected!


Hope you feeling better!! I am so happy to be home. I sure love these children. I am counting the days to Terry's return. I miss that man more than I can say.

I have tried so hard to like his books. I read Skin, The Martyr Series, Blessed Child and House (with Frank Peretti) and I just get frustrated...actually out of all of them I did like Blessed Child the best. I am glad you like them!! I know so many that do. I know what to get you as a gift!
Tammie said…
Blessed Child and A Man Called Blessed and Martyr's Song are the only three i have read....RED, BLACK, and WHITE are on the list to read next...

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