Hey all who read my blog...i have noticed some of you have a nice list of "favorite blogsites" on one of your panels. How/where do you create/find this widget?


I am also new and I was just wondering the same thing....

Thanks for asking I will check back to see how to go about setting it up.

:..Rebekah..: said…
Hey Tammie!
When you are logged into your blog, if you'll click on "Customize" at the top right hand corner, it will take you right where you need to go to do it. After you click on it, you should be on the page that says "Add and Arrange Page Elements". At the top right hand side there will be a box that says "Add a Page Element". You click on that and it will bring up another little window with all kinds of different options of things to add to your blog page. There's one that says "Link List" that you'll need to click on. When you click on it, another little window will pop up that says "Configure Link List". That's where you'll name your list and add the links to your favorite blogs and websites. Then you just copy and paste the site URL that you want to add to your list and click on "Add link". Just add as many as you want, and you can choose to have them listed alphabetically or not, or you can rearrange the list and have it however you want it. Don't forget to click the "Save" button when you're done. Hope this is clear and helps!

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