Nine Lives

My cat is very special to me....She has been dubbed a "No Name" cat as i can not really answer the question, "What is her name?" as she has mutliple names! Recently she has been waking me up in the night, so her nine lives are getting used up when i remind her that that is the time i SLEEP! Lately she has made a friend that shows up around 10pm for a kitty rendezvous. This causes my kitty to dance from window to window. The obstacles of the blinds adds to the adventure, as of course, this makes continuous noise as her tail is wagging about like a floating rope....knocking the blinds up against the wall or window! Now....i get a bit irritated with her as this continues for more than a few minutes, or so it seems!

In the morning when i sit down for my quiet time with the Lord, my mischievous kitty nozzles her way up on my lap, warmly purring her morning greeting - and somehow, the nights behavior is forgotten and forgiven. I am sure there is a lesson in


Jen said…
That's a cat for you! Ha! I had a cat that, if I was sleeping on the floor because a friend was sleeping over in my bed, he would bite my nose. Talk about about being rudely awakened!

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