Green Pastures Still Waters

Happy New Year!!

Can you believe 2009 is finished? It was barely a breeze... but it was a very good year. As the days, weeks and months passed this past year, I experienced "green pastures and still waters" - as spoken of in Psalm 23. Not that all was a bed of roses, but it was definitely a peaceful year in which I felt tenderly cared for, fed and washed by His Truth and Love.

Last January we were blessed with the birth of Kayden, my niece. Her middle name is Joy; she has lived up to her name in bringing us sweet joy with her happy personality. I was thrilled this Christmas holiday when she toddled her way across my brothers kitchen and lifted her little hands up to me, bright eyes and a smile told me she KNEW me and wanted to give me some cuddles! I have enjoyed being close to Jimbo and Timbrel and my nieces; this was one of the reasons I moved up here to SC - so I could be close to them and my nieces would know their auntie! I don't anticipate their departure.... they hope to be leaving for an overseas assignment this summer.

I enjoyed my classes at CIU; the LORD used each one to minister to me and prepare me to be a minister to His Church. At this point, I have about a year left to finish my program. How exciting! Not too sure what will follow after obtaining my counseling degree, but I am leaning on Him to direct my path. He has never failed; I am not worried.

Being from Florida, I was missed living near water. Columbia is a good two hours from the beach and the lake here does not offer soft sandy beaches; the LORD knows our hearts and meets us even in the places that seem unimportant. Being near water feeds my soul; He designed me this way.

In 2009, God brought sailing into my life! A dear friend in the church I attend has a sailboat; he cannot sail alone so he generously invites a few of us to crew with him. What a JOY! I am officially a "Sailor in Training!" I posted about some of my adventures in sailing this year and you can see pictures as evidence!

One thing the Lord has done this past few months is that He has brought me to a new point of acceptance. A few months ago one of my sweet friends shared a message that she had heard on Family Life Today, by Elisabeth Elliot. It was a message to singles; she spoke of the Joy of Acceptance. God truly gives us all we need, when we need it. I had a little revelation about this one day as I was driving around town. The things in our hearts that we desire are not to become our idol; they may not be bad, and they may even be very natural - yet He calls us to trust Him and depend on Him for all we need. I simply felt the reality of this: if God wants me to have it, He will provide! I don't have to worry, be anxious, strive or contrive a way to make it happen. When I heard this message, it confirmed this all that much more. We can have JOY in accepting what God gives us today and trust Him with tomorrow. He is Good. He loves me, intimately.

This latter truth has brought me a new lease on living! It may seem simple but it is the simplest things that can cause us to become tangled up and missing out on what belongs to us: Abundant Life!

As I have embraced my church up here, I have had the privilege of singing on the praise team and teaching the ladies Sunday School class. Both of these bring me great joy in serving the King and His Bride; in the process I am sharpened and find my place in His Work.

He truly blessed 2009, and I can only give HIM Thanks and Praise! I look forward to 2010; I believe it will be a magnificent year of His continued blessing!

Psalm 65:11 You have crowned the year with Your bounty,
And Your paths drip with fatness.


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