My First Sailing Adventure!!!

My heart is still pounding over how much fun I had yesterday and seeing so many things about sailing that just clicks with me. The boat belongs to a kind gentleman in my church who is so good to offer a day of sailing; I don't think he bargained to strike such an eager disciple to the sport in me! I plan on going as many times as he will have the patience for! Maybe he will let me be a "skipper in training?" For those sailing experts, the boat was a Catalina 25 (I am still working on my sailing terminology.) It has an '85 hull. Pretty cool that my last name justifies a love of boating.... ;-)

The first half of the adventure was kind of quiet. We would catch a wind now and then - enough not to crank up the outboard engine but not enough to move real good. Just as we decided to head back to the dock, actually taking down the "sheets"...the wind really picked up and our "Skipper" said..."lets sail back in!" The sail back in was great! It was humming along and it even tilted pretty good several times! There was LOTS of "tacking"...(turning about) as the lake is narrow but with the wind so strong, it make it even that much more fun!!

I believe I have discovered a new love! ...i liked everything about it...the cool way things are made to accommodate life/functioning on a sail boat (the fasteners on the sail were like little loops and twistee things and not a "button", the physics of making the most of the wind, reading the water and the sky....) These things I have always enjoyed and take notice of...all come together and make sense on a sailboat! COOL BEANS! Next time you see me I may be on a sailboat....


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Anonymous said…
awesome tammie! how exciting. what r u doing for ressurection sunday?
Rebekah said…
Oh how fun!!! I would love to try that. Great pictures of your adventure! :)

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