(NOT) Breathing

I can't breathe; ugh, I went to bed about four hours ago, after taking sinus medicine. It hasn't helped. So, I decided to get up so I could at least breath normal. Breathing is pretty important. :-)

It is cold, I sit here tangled up in two blankets - trying to cover myself and type at the same time... whoever designed those "snuggies" was brilliant; I could use one about now. Anyhow, a wintery blast covered us the last 24 hours. I looked out over my back yard this afternoon; it is all brown, and dead looking. I seriously wonder if it will ever be green again. I am such a wimp; give me hot sunshine and green grass!!

Kitty has decided to join me on the couch; her purring is loud in the dark quiet of the night... she is asking if she can crawl on my lap as she is cold too. It is hard to type with a fur-ball between me and the keyboard, but she does help warm me up.

Ah, this is random; I do have some thoughts....

I think the Lord has me up to pray. Yes, to pray. My mind is disturbed over a few things: one, my reading for my classes is quite disturbing. Tonight I read about addictions. How horrible to be controlled by things that kill you. It reminds me of reading the book by Frank Peretti called "The Oath" - what a profound example of what sin is... something that is hidden, dark, and deadly; yet when we look at "it" up close... we really love sin. Christ has dealt with our sin through His blood; it is washed away. AND, He has dealt with the fact that we are sinners through the Cross; we have been crucified with Him! Yes, that thing called sin is quite natural to us, we love it... and it is killing us, yet He has saved us from ourselves and given us His very LIFE. He IS working out to completion our sancification, daily. "He has done it!"

I am also disturbed over hearing about the painful places a few of my friends are walking through right now. It grieves my heart so much; I am struggling for them in prayer. How I pray that they know HIS mighty power working in them and in their situations. God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine; He is working in them (you) a great salvation.

It is time to see if I can find some sleep now. God is working, He never sleeps.... now, Lord, please give your servant rest!


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