New Ears

It's a beautiful morning. The temperature is perfect... just a tinge of chill in the air, the birds are singing loud, celebrating Spring, my bed is cozy, I have rested well... a sweet welcome to a new day... my heart is peaceful and happy. New beginnings... to marvel upon; ah, Thank You Lord.

My ears are tuning into a new voice. That new voice is the Voice of Love. Let's back up a little.... in the last few years, I have been challenged in understanding Grace. I know people who I deem, "a lady of grace," or "a graceful person." I love these peeps! My heart just unfolds with them... they are wonderful safe people I want to emulate. I can copy how they are... but I wanted to BE what they were... I just did not know how to get there. So, I began talking to the Lord about this, it wasn't a new theme for Him. He had been calling me to live in Grace for a LONG TIME... and giving me gentle reminders that I was not getting it.

You see, I grew up hearing a voice of guilt. That would fall under the LAW category; Grace category is on the opposite side of the chart. Everything about the LAW is opposite of Grace: Guilt vs. Love, Condemnation vs. Conviction, resentment vs. repentance. It really affects everything. It is hard carrying a load of condemnation; the voice of Guilt put a gridlock over life. MY life. The LIFE He gave me...

I was challenged this week... "which voice are you listening too?" Somehow, something clicked for me this time. I can actually visualize this voice of guilt that I am so familiar with, he is ugly and brutal and unkind and I was bowing to him. Enough of that. God wants me to hear His voice of Love... and live in Grace. It is clear, and bright, and kind, and gentle and beautiful. It opens my heart to love freely. What a fresh breath of air! The gridlock crumbled. I feel like a prisoner set free! I have made a new friend with this Voice of Love.... A new beginning... "this is the way, walk in it."


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