1st of April - Freshness Everywhere

It's my favorite time... this week is one I enjoy spending time reflecting on Passion week. A few years ago It became SO much more precious after doing a special teaching on it to my Bible students. After studying over it for my lesson I was praying about how to present it to my students in a way that would be different. I taught at a Christian school and most of my students were from christian homes who could have taught the material themselves. How could I make it different, real and personal to them? As I was praying over this God gave me a brilliant idea; a monologue began to form in my head, as if an eye witness were sharing about the week... the eye witness came out of the story... she was a servant girl, who worked for the man who owned the Upper Room. It was a Powerful presentation; one that God birthed in my mind and heart and He help me pull it off! I was blown away with how it came together and my students gleaned truth in a fresh way... i even heard about it from other teachers that day after my classes had experienced it. "What did you do in Bible today?... the kids are all talking about it!" God gave ME new eyes to see it.

A few years later I pulled it out again and did it for my church. It took on a different twist; I wish I could have worked on it more and worked out the quirks - but it was still fun to present it again. One day I want to re-visit it and polish it up and see what I can do with it. It is one of those things that may be something God wants to use to bless others. We'll see.

Seeing Him with New Eyes, in New ways - Fresh ways is a wonderful thing about Easter. We may have celebrated Easter many times over, but I pray it is something new, fresh and personal this year. He definitely blew me away last Sunday morning - Palm Sunday - a day I wish we celebrated MORE - through an awesome conversation I had with a dear friend in Raleigh. We shared breakfast and the Word together; as we began unpacking the Word, the Spirit began to open our eyes and hearts to SEE Him in a new way. I was so excited... my Spirit felt the surge of electricity as we looked at Him closer. He is truly, truly BEAUTIFUL... and we have the amazing privilege of bringing HIM GLORY!!!!

I pray You see Him with New Eyes this week... in a Fresh Way that transforms and delights Your heart - so that You may Know Him better! You were made for HIS GLORY! Hallelujah! He is Risen! Enter into His New Life today!


Melanie said…
Loving Spring!

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