Getting Started

I have a paper due this week. It's not even a lengthy one. My "school energy" tank is on low. It is too beautiful outside to sit inside and type out anything much more than a blog entry. So, I sit here... with every window in the house that I can open, open wide, my papers and books and Bible strewn across my dining room table, half my dinner eaten, wondering when the scope and sequence of this paper will come flowing into my brain. Most likely as the shadows stretch across the lawn and the stars begin to appear. I don't even want to sit here, I am glad I can lounge on the couch w/ my laptop... Anyhow. School. Spring. Life. Not mixing well these days. Not that I am complaining; just know I need to focus.... and I forgot where that button is in my brain. ;-)

Just so you can catch the spirit of my life right now... I had to share: I just got distracted by a sweet dog in the back yard who is running around like a banji - so thrilled because she found her long lost ball. Of course, I had to celebrate with her by tossing it a few times. When it got "stuck" in the corner of the fence, under the vines and fresh green growth of spring... I had to get on my hands and knees and help encourage her to dig it out... all this since I decided, "it's time to write my paper..."


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