Staying Healthy

It's FRIDAY! And I have had a cup of coffee --- it always amazes me how a cup of coffee can just... make one feel better. I did have a cup of JESUS this morning too... and He filled me to overflowing :-) Psalm 46 was where we met, especially in 46:5b..." God will help her when morning dawns." I love it when Scripture, the Living Word, becomes a rhema , something specifically for me today.

He is our Life, our Breath... He sustains LIFE in us. Do we really get that? Just a thought... I thank Him for Life.
So, staying healthy is my thought... one piece of professional advice I try to apply to my life to stay healthy is doing something, no matter how small, each day that is fun or simply brings me joy. It can be anything - a cup of coffee, or driving with the windows down, or calling a friend or going for a walk. I enjoyed a short walk this morning with Sasha; it rained last night and the air was cool, clean and fresh. Mist was hovering over the hills, licking the grass and flowers with drops of water; it is especially refreshing as spring has sprung around here, with yellow pollen covering EVERYTHING. The rain washed away that yellow dust and brightened up the flowers and leaves. It was beautiful. Hmmmm, remind you of Psalm 46:5b? :-)

Anyhow... back to my theme: staying healthy. A friend shared with me one tool in doing this: think of ten simple things you enjoy and do one of those each day. That isn't too hard. Here are a few things that came to my mind:
1. a cup of PG or Coffee
2. Ten minutes of quiet, enjoying nature
3. Watering my lawn with the hose (I don't have a sprinkler system)
4. Journaling
5. Decluttering a small area of the house (feels good to get at least ONE corner clean)
6. Driving with the windows down/sunroof open
7. Sitting with Sasha on the back step or front step
8. Taking a nap
9. Making a list of things I want to do, crossing them off when I finish/complete!
10. Cooking/baking - feels good to be domestic and create something that makes the house smell good and tastes good :-) I know... many of you mom's do this everyday and would probably not find as much joy in doing it, but cooking for ONE is not so exciting or motivating... so when I actually do put effort into creating a nice meal... it is VERY rewarding.


Melanie said…
Love Fridays! We are about to sit down to some homemade chicken noodle soup and cornbread and then some family night!!! Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and popcorn and soda! :) Sounds like you are doing well! Enjoy reading your blog! much love!

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