It is raining today - I am enjoying it. Yesterday's post was posted after a very stirring message I heard at my school. Jesus is so beautiful. He is recapturing my heart, He is so tender, so Enough. Yes, He is Enough. At times I have felt discontent rise in me, and I allowed it to stay too long. Bitterness, contempt, sin and death only come from that - but, He is so gentle and kind. He is so patient. Not only does He SAVE us but continues to save us from ourselves.

Lately He has been inviting me to embrace the precious life He has given me, the precious joys and blessings of each day. My heart has been experiencing a surge of joy and energy I can hardly understand; I feel this combustion of excitement in me I could bust! I have had other times of joy and excitement but this is different, so much so I recognize it daily. I am excited about my classes, about playing with my dog and the discipline of giving of myself in a way that is blessing me and helping be more emotionally healthy, reading books that are reminding me that it is about living a selfless life that makes life so much more rewarding, about handing over my cares to Him to handle and resting in His secure love, about making better decisions and waiting to SEE what He has for me today, but most of all, I see He is showing me in a new way His glorious Self - His God-ness (if that is a word?) and His love for me, really, FOR ME, and that He is WITH me...and wants to be with me because He delights in me.

Yes, He is recapturing me, washing my mind with His love and Word, freeing me from fear and toxic lies I have allowed to hold me in the dark. So, let the sweet raindrops fall today - I am happy in Jesus and loving walking beside Him and dancing too!


Stephanie said…
Tammie I am so happy for you because you moved up to a new level with the Lord. You now have that intimate relationship with him. He is feeling your spirit with so much joy that it is overwhelming. This is a blessing he delights when we praise him and yes continue to dance like David did. I was like you when I reached that new level with him I could not understand why everyday I was just so overjoyed. It is only going to get better now you will continue to reach new levels with Him.
Rebekah said…
Tammie, I love "Not only does He SAVE us but continues to save us from ourselves." So true and wonderful!

Beautiful post and so inspiring.
melanie said…
Hey! I hope all is going well for you! :)

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