Sabbath Saturations

I hope you are enjoying a Sabbath's rest today, every day.  
He is our Rest.  

I can't help but share what God gives me, when He rocks my world, or touches me to tears.  This happened this morning.  I was driving to church, accompanied by my new roommate, Megan.  We were noticing the beautiful fresh baby green leaves filling what only a week ago was barren and naked limbs.  How quickly it seems these little leaves fill the trees, filtering the early morning sunlight;  it was radiantly beautiful.   

It triggered a memory of something God impressed upon my heart a few years ago.  Growing up in Florida, I lived very close to a pretty large fresh water lake.  Several years ago, we experienced a drought and a huge explosion of land development in my area.  Both of these factors affected the level of the lake to sink significantly.  The waterline was a good 50 to 100 feet beyond the closest dock, which in normal rainfall years, nearly kissed the bottom sides of those docks.  

I would regularly walk the perimeter of this body of water, it was a sad, depressing sight to see the water so low.  The ordinarily water covered edge was exposed lake bottom: an ugly dirty white naked area, covered with scary sprigs of sprouting lake weeds.   It was an eye sore! 

Finally a healthy rainy season came around, and within a few short weeks (whereas the drought season had been a few years) the lake was happily lapping the original waters edge and kissing the dock bottoms.  It was amazing really, how quickly the water rose!

How wonderful a picture of our spiritual life journey's:  we face dry, hard seasons, sometimes very long seasons.  Areas of our heart and souls are exposed that aren't so lovely.  But then, God in His tender grace, begins to rain down His mercy, and fill those caverns and heal and restore!  The dark night is over, and we almost forget the tears and depths of desperation we knew.  

This is both beautiful, and sobering.  Those times of testing, refining, are invaluable to our faith.  They are very normal, Jesus told us we would face trials, so we should not be surprised.  Plus, we live in an world ruled by the enemy of the King of Kings... and yes, He has an agenda.  (John 10:10 - God has an agenda too, and His is already wrapped up at the Cross - Super message about this... The one on Genesis 39) These trials can show us Him and ourselves so clearly; they can do more to the growth of our Soul, the maturing of our hearts than a thousand sermons.  Our need for a Savior and the radical Gospel is magnified!

As I shared this insight I had experienced, an unexpected tenderness was exposed in me.  Tears welled up in my eyes, and my voice became unsteady as I realized God was saying this to me again.  Reminding me, that in a moment, He refreshes, restores, refills, redeems.  
He's into the "Re-" business.... 

I was so thankful for the splash of the Spirit; I have been battling through some doubts and fears, raising up my Shield of faith and holding fast and firm to His character for myself, and for some dear friends that are close to my heart.  I see the battle (thankfully!), and know it is a battle.  

His love flooded my soul in that moment, over His Love & concern, 
His desire to bring Victory and Glory in the places darkness is looming, threatening, drowning.  

His Light will overcome.
One Touch, One Word, One Moment...
 The battle is Won.  
The Empty places filled. 
 The dry places washed clean and refreshed.  
The Wounded healed.  
The darkness Disappears.

Do It Lord Jesus!


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