What I am Up to This week

It's Spring Break in the district I work in.  I am thoroughly enjoying time at home, sleeping in past 6:30AM, sitting in my ugly orange chair sipping coffee and reading the Word, listening for Him.  The last few weeks have been laden with heavy worry which I posted about; it's such a gift to have time to rest, reflect, breathe, do my laundry, and roll my worries into His hands.  Slowing down helps me do that... naps do too.  

So here are a few things I have done this week in my free time, besides three loads of laundry, pulling weeds and raking my yard, washing my car inside and out, organizing my kitchen (my new house mate helped, what a gift!), and going shopping at Trader Joes!

I practiced a little photography!

I just like this picture. :-)
These looked like they were having fun in the sun on the Congaree River.  What do you think turtles say to each other?  Notice the turtle head sticking out of the water at the end?  Almost as if he is saying, "Come on you guys,... you've got to move it, move it!" (Name that movie!)

Ever since I got Sasha, I wanted to take a picture like this, because we have walked a LOT of miles together.  My new house mate took this for me a few days ago. I thought this turned out pretty cool!  That would be ME, and Sasha on the West Columbia Waterfront trail.  

This is a silhouette of Megan, my new house mate.  She is such a gift from the Lord.  :-) She enjoyed the West Columbia Waterfront trail too.

He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!  These are some flowers Megan brought home a few days before Easter, and these two flowers were tightly wrapped up in their petals.  Over the last five days, each "bloomed" for our delightful enjoyment.  

Like a good neighbor... :-) Well, THIS is not my porch, but this belongs to my friend Luke, who graciously helped install a new hot water heater in my house.  So, I noticed his porch was a little, shall we say, neglected, yet it had so much potential.  So we borrowed a pressure washer and went to town.  Notice how clean and clear of clutter it is (notice I forgot to take a "before" shot)! Lovely, simply lovely...  It was a fun afternoon project Megan and I tackled together!

Tomorrow I head to Charleston for another year to do the Cooper Bridge Run... guess who is NOT running... well, maybe a little bit.  Walking will be my mode of operation this year... reason being... a little too busy to train well to run a 10K.  Oh, well... I am so excited anyways.  Pictures and posts will follow!



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