Traces of God

I have just begun reading a book called Searching For Home by M. Craig Barnes.  The first chapter has brought me to tears as he describes the common human plight and deep desire for home, that wells "up from the soul."

The first chapter ends with these words about hope:

"The entire biblical story depicts men and women roaming from one disconnected experience to the next, unable to be at home where they are, uncertain that they will ever find where they ought to be.  Eventually, we just built a tabernacle or a temple and occasionally worshiped a God who seemed far away.

But just as God was never one to settle or remain in exile, neither can he resist entering the dark wood to find us and join us on our nomadic, meandering journey. We thought we were stuck in just another day through the purgatory or hell from which there is no escape.  But from the perspective of heaven, there is purpose and even direction to our days.  If may be hard, after all these years, to still believe that we are going to find any approximation of paradise on earth.  But that is only because we have not trained our eyes to see the Sojourner God.

When we awaken to the identity of this one who is with us, we discover that paradise has found us, along the way.  And in that rests all of our hope."

How much we need hope.  Hope that good will come, that He makes ALL things work together for good.  That He Is Good.

That is the bedrock of our Hope:  God is Good, He is powerful, and He is with us, Emmanuel.

I am in the middle of a season of unknowns.  My security is threatened, I am forced to reach deep, and high to the Rock that is higher and steadier than any earthly security.  I am pressed to grip, until my knuckles are white and burning, to hold on to the Truth of my identity, the significance of my existence: resting in the fact that it is not defined or weighted by what the world says, what I percieve others to say or not say, my place, position or performance. 

I readily admit I have been a wanderer; I know that deep longing for that mysterious place called home.  I know I love where I am right now, and desire to stay, grow my roots deeper and establish my life here; yet sometimes something calls me to the utopia over the horizon....

Remembering that God is my Home, my place of rest, my Sojourner, and Security is soothing balm to my restless, hungry soul.  He is able to meet my deepest desires, quiet my darkest fears.  He satisfies, abates my fears and yet allows a hungering to remain for more because He wants my daily dependence. 

This keeps me moving forward.  Holding His hand, looking up and beyond this world, where He daily restores my soul, He daily strengthens my heart as I walk, wait and work for His Glory.

Now on the Chapter two... this is a good book!


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