Goodness From His Table

Ever play that hide-and-seek game as a child, or with your children?  Something is hidden, as they search for it, you gently give them hints:

"you are close, getting warmer, warmer... you are getting HOT..."  which means, "you are RIGHT THERE! OPEN YOUR EYES!"

I think that God does that in the Word.

God has given me a few wonderful life-giving Words, some "rhema" over the past few year.  He is always speaking if we listen.  Last weekend, as I said, He tied a few strings together that connected several concepts I was getting close to: He Lit it Up for me!

One concept He opened was how He has revealed Himself in Scripture.

This actually started several weeks ago.  This little house I live in is the home of two very early risers.  My roommate gets up in the wee hours of the morning, sprawls our her Bible, her notes, her pens and pours over His Word.  By the time I fall out of bed, she has been up at least half an hour or so... and this is all before 6AM.  My brain is not ready to read much before 6AM, so I usually head off to do something mindless and that makes me burn off calories for an hour.... then I am ready for coffee and the Word.

Well, several weeks ago, as i was slumbering down the hall to grab my water bottle and head out the door, my roommate was bursting with something she had just discovered in the Word.  (Now that is something GREAT to wake up to, though i was not quite able to meet her in her enthusiasm.)

She had been studying in Exodus....

"And God said to Moses, “I am Yahweh—‘the Lord.’I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as El-Shaddai—‘God Almighty’—but I did not reveal my name, Yahweh, to them."

She pointed out how significant it was that, here, God, was making Himself known more and more - bringing His people to know Him not only as, God Almighty, but LORD; their Lord.  

He Is The Lord.  

When she shared this, I was like, "cool, that is great... see ya in an hour!"  I think I could still hear her bouncing up and down as I ran down the steps of my front porch. 

Okay, so that seed kind of sat in my head, sure, it was pretty cool.  

Then last weekend, our speaker took us to Romans.

It was the tail end of her talk, she was taking us down the Roman road: 3:23 - for all of have sinned... (separated themselves from God); 6:23 - the wages of sin is death.... someone has to pay for them, me or someone else; 10:9-10 - "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved."

"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is LORD..."


"I am the LORD."  

Did I not hear that before...??!!!

I saw it! This is all part of His beautiful, incredible... merciful plan: to make Himself know to us PERSONALLY!  To come close to us... His beloved Creation!  And, He covers us through Himself to make this happen!!  

The resurrection is SO significant! In that very act, God is showing us that He has accepted the sacrifice of His Son, to cover us... (remember Genesis 3?, He made skins for Adam and Eve... yet they still had to leave His Presence!)  

We can now be covered with Christ, and accepted back into His Presence to Know Him Personally - no barriers!  

Christ is the LORD!  He is also the initiator here... notice, we were not really the ones looking to get back with Him.  He made us for Himself... and we don't even know it!! 

He has made us acceptable; even I cannot separate myself from His Love.  

I am acceptable to Him, in Christ! The Lord, Oh Lord, is My Lord!

That just makes me smile.... and dance and sing and laugh!


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