Caught My Breath

I am about to throw some clothes in my suitcase and head out the door to land in NC tonight.  I whipped open my Apple to quickly check emails and the ADORABLE BLUE EYED WONDER was staring at me from my screen.  

I had to stop and drink in the darling thing... he literally took my breath away.  This is my new little Nephew, Micah Troy.  I had fun snapping pictures of this hunk-a-chunk over Easter Weekend.  I showed this picture to a friend this morning... and snapped my MAC shut and ran out without closing the picture down.  

What a beautiful delicious baby.  :-) 

Soon he will be 4 months old... 4 years old... 14 years old... 44 years old... gulp. 

So... i am capturing him now... to remember always.  



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