Not My Way

It's a beautiful day here in Columbia, South Carolina.  I feel very refreshed; God blessed me with a few very good nights rest, time to enjoy Him and His creation and now I am sipping on His Beauty in my yard from my front porch...

This would be my New porch "swing" notice... the swing part isn't really happening but it was given to me.  The chains are waiting for my dad or some other male who knows how to construct a frame to hang a swing.  It needs a little TLC too, so before it is hung I hope to sand it down and apply a coat or two of paint/stain.

As you see... it is a gorgeous day to enjoy my new seat.

This morning I was reading about Gideon.  I have been talking to God about a few challenges lately, things that are pressing for some attention yet I don't exactly know what I am to do about them, if anything.

As I read Gideon, I thought of other familiar Bible stories and characters.  God's plans are usually played out a lot differently than what we imagine they could.  Think of the Israelites exiting Egypt: God could have allowed Moses to have great favor with Pharoah, Pharoah could have been in a good mood the day Moses stepped into his court, it could have been easy for Pharoah to simply say, "you have my blessing to leave!" But... God had a different agenda; He actually hardened Pharoah's heart so that His GLORY would be seen, not one Israelite could doubt God was delivering them, not Moses, not Pharoah: The LORD their God! The Almighty One they did not really know.... God was coming closer and introducing Himself, "Hello, My name is Yahweh, the Lord Your God!" 

Or think of the Jericho: surely there could have been a different way.  But God said walk around the city for a week, blow the trumpets then do it seven times the seventh day and SHOUT for I will give you the city.  

God is a jealous God.  He wants us to Look at Him Alone:  He will not share His glory.

So, recently, as I have been facing my own personal quiet challenges.  I have sensed God whispering to my soul, "Stand still and see what the Lord will do for you!"  (And don't worry! Enjoy the day I made for you!)

Stand Still?! Be Quiet?! Do Nothing!??! What!!?

Okay.  So I did. Am doing.

He is Working.  Amazingly so, like blow my socks off and make me roll on the floor laughingly so!

So ya know; my "challenges" are being taken care of but not My Way.  But God's.  His Way, His Time, His Work... is perfect.  Even when it seems silly.   Imagine being in Gideon's troops when he said, "okay guys, we are going to battle.  Leave your swords, shields, and armor at home.  Bring a horn, a torch, and an empty jar."  What? okay....

I was seriously challenged and encouraged yesterday as I read about God's command of keeping a Sabbath.  What an amazing gift: rest.  It is truly a statement of faith - resting because He has done the Work, will provide, will restore.... if we Rest In Him, honor Him in giving Him time in our days, weeks and years to pull away just for Him.  Laying down our stuff... to enjoy Him.  It doesn't make since to the world.... but it is a beautiful picture of trusting God to take care of us.

I love it.  His Way is Perfect.  And you know what is the most wonderful part about it?  How close I feel His presence, His pleasure and peace in ME, as well as Joy: it truly is a fruitful season.  It's all Him.

Glory To His Name!!  Not My Way, Jesus, Only Yours!


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