To Remember

What a delightful morning.  God has met me in His Word. Period.

Following my Bible reading guide, I had to finish up yesterday's assignment: Mark 14-16.  His Crucifixion.

They hated Him because He was not who they thought God would be... they had their own version of what God was like, would be like, how He would come and save... Jesus was not him.

So... they mocked Him, they beat Him.... they killed Him.

Because He was not what they expected....  that could have been me.  Oh Father forgive me...

"Oh God, Oh God... why have you forsaken me?"  Jesus Christ, God came into that darkness... for me.

Even when I walk through desert, dry, dead places... HE is with Me, with a prepared table full of goodness and love, anointing my head and filling my cup!! Oh How Good He is to me!  

All from Mark 14-16; Psalms 21-23.

Oh How I love Him.  My Cup Overflows.

Somehow the song of the birds even seem more joyous this morning... Oh Glorious God!


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