Cleaning Corners

A pile of stuff to give away sits on the bed in my guest room.

A pile of baskets, containers, bags, and other odd things sits on the floor in my room.

My head is working through ideas of where to move this and that to make room, space, and organize to use my shelves and closets more wisely. I know I have gone through my "stuff" several times over the years.  More de-cluttering, throwing out, re-using, and giving away.  It seems like a filter... I have to use a tighter screen each time... to truly block out what is clutter and unuseful.  I admit... i tend to hold onto things that only take up space, waste time and energy and block out light.

How very very very reflective of His Work in the heart.  I love how God uses everyday things to work His Truth and Love and Character.  He desires us to walk in holiness.  This means... Holy. Pure. Clean.


"In Living we die; In Dying we live."

I love His Ways.  So opposite of mine, the worlds... so incredibly life-giving.
His Software For The Heart is amazing. (Click on that and see what I mean...)


Melanie said…
Sounds great! I am constantly decluttering around here! I love giving stuff away. :D

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