Thanks Shelby!

I love that I was chosen for a Blog Award :-)  From Shelby, my Birthday Twin.

Receiving an award brings to mind a memory from my high school years when I would intentionally avoid receiving awards... because if you received a reward, you would have to walk the long, horrible, highly-visible walk up the auditorium stage where the principle would hand you a piece of paper, in front of all my classmates.  OH HORRORS!  The only reward I usually received was perfect attendance... and well, I knew how to take care of that.... 
  1. Thanks and link back to the blogger who passed this award onto you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Award 15 (or however many you want) other recently discovered great bloggers
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
7 Things about Me ...hmmmm

1.  Someone complimented me on my hands and feet... and it has thoroughly gone to my head.  Someday I may model them. Well, ya know... it would be a nice way to earn a little extra income.

2.  Shelby and I share more than birthdays, we share similar personalities - a unique blend of sanguine and melancholy: the line between is very fine.  I thrive while I am with people, yet must have quality amount of alone time or one on one time... I am still trying to figure myself out :-P

3.  I would like to create a six love language - to add to the notorious "five love languages" - that of thoughtfulness.  It speaks VOLUMES to my heart, mind and soul to know someone even thought of me... even if you never send me a card, or call, or buy me a present - if you merely had a passing thought of me... and let me know in some little fashion: my heart is blessed. :-)  My second love language is words of affirmation... with a close runner up of affection... thus, I have a cat and a dog to pour lovey-dovey words on and kiss and hug... hanging out with kids helps keep that tank full too. 

4.  History is sooooo cool.  Yep, I love learning about history... what and the why's of who and where we are today.  I can get lost in exploring old stuff - for example... a few weeks ago I watched Braveheart: the following days all I wanted to do was study up on that time in history.  I blew off the dust on my Medieval Europe History book and read it over the next few days. Feudalism is one of the key building blocks of civilization and government today!  It's just so cool!  I am such a nerd.

5.  I really really reallllllly want a road bike so that I can ride long, long races or fundraisers or just enjoy a long afternoon with the breeze blowing my hair.   A great way to get exercise and enjoy the lay of the land, up close and personal.  I have been wanting a road bike for several years, once I realized this was a serious longing of my heart... my financial situation had shifted and i could not justify buying a bike that would help this desire be fulfilled.  So... it remains on the wish list. Someday....

6.  Rowing is another desire of my heart.  I have learned from rowing friends that this particular sport isn't as romantic as it looks: it's brutal.  I want to try it anyways - Bring It On!

7.  Someday I want to design and build my own home, on a few acres of land... and use it for blessing others and building up the Body of Christ.  With that house... a home grown garden full of wonderful herbs, veggies and flowers with a little pond... and some animals... to make it feel like a little farm... would be so sweet.  :-) I would like to offer my guests whole fresh milk with their organic meal.... and fresh flowers to adorn their rooms.  Ah, it is fun to dream :-)  

I nominate....
 Rebecca's Blog: I have only just met Rebecca: she was such a delight that I followed her to her blog.  She is an amazing writer and I look forward to hearing more of her adventures in England.  Keep shining Jesus in England my new friend!

Heather at Greg + Heather + Maelee = Grether - Heather and I met through a mutual friend.  My first memory of Heather and her hubby, Greg, was when we all stuffed into their little mini-car after enjoying a lovely progressive meal adventure together.  I was instantly drawn to them because of their hilarious sense of humor and North-Midwestern accents.  I love both!  

Melissa at The Von Herrman Ventures.  Missy and I met eons ago working at Lake Swan Camp.  She has a wonderful love for the Lord, a vivid walk with Him and a sparkly sunshiney personality.  I wish we were neighbors... Missy it has been too long.  I still have a note in my Bible in which you scrawled... "I Love You :-)"... on a gum wrapper!

I could nominate MORE... but i don't have time!! So I will stick to a good solid three.  Thanks Guys!


Missy said…
Tam! What an honor. Thanks so much for the nomination, but even more so for wanting to be my neighbor. I am so glad we share that feeling. I can't believe you have a note from me on a gum wrapper...though not at all surprised as I did like to chew my gum (and leave notes:) I look forward to adding a similar post on my blog. Be on the lookout. Love you.
Missy said…
Tam! What an honor! Thanks so much for the nomination--even more for wanting to be my neighbor. I feel the same for you!

How funny that I wrote you a note on a gum wrapper and that you saved it all of these years. I feel like all of my camp memories are tucked away in heart like that.

I look forward to my post and nominations too. Thanks so much for reading and thinking of me. Love you dear sister!

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