Purrrrr-ty Good

So it's a rainy, cold February day today.

This Kitty has opened my door at least three times this morning... starting at 6 something.  It's nice to sleep in on such rainy mornings... but around here, no shut eye after 7AM.  Thursday's I like to try... She would not have it.  Nope.

She is purring now, curled up on my tummy, my child of 10 plus years... i should skin her alive, but somehow... she feels more like a best friend.  She is God's tangible love gift to me somedays... and I would not trade that for "all the tea in china."


Sara G said…
Awww so "purrrrr-ty"! I love cats even if they want to have fun while I sleep lol.
Melanie said…
I wish that our kitty was an inside cat. :D
Shelby said…
Hey! Just wanted you to know I nominated you for a bloggy award! Thanks for inspiring me! Love ya!

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