Totally Ruined

Hey Friends and Fam - It is a beautiful Saturday morning in Columbia, South Carolina. The weather is giving us a break from the hot humid unbreathable weather we have had over the last few months - summer is worse here than in Florida! At least there you can run to the beach in less than an hours drive.... anyhow, what a blessing to have 60 something degree weather for several days; my a/c is OFF and windows have been open - much to my kitty's delight.

As I shared in several earlier posts, this summer has been a blast. So many blessings, so much variety, even a GREAT tan to boot! I am milking this tan as long as I can by going sailing more than a few times in the last week or so... I am going again today AND on Monday! When am i going to get any studying done.... sailing - studying, SAILING! :-)

I also had a fabulous, no make that, MAHVELOUS, Birthday this year... and i just had to share one of the blessings I received. I think God just decided to bless me more than abundantly this year... it seems to be HIS theme this year, "prove to Tammie that I LOVE her by lavishing her so she nearly drowns with it..." A very dear friend knows how much a woman enjoys a nice pedicure, manicure, facial... you know, those things that we really like, make us feel so feminine and pampered but don't actually do for ourselves. BUT, I believe if you take care of yourself you are much better suited to love and lavish others.... you mothers out there, take note and do something "selfish" this week.... soak your feet at least... then you will more likely use them to play footsies.... ;-)

Anyhow... I was given a gift certificate for a facial and a massage at a delightful spa here in town. I have never had a formal massage, I have had a facial a few years ago but this time was simply for the reason to be spoiled. (IMAGINE THAT!?) I tracked down the spa location and made appointments this past week to indulge. OH GLORY! LOL.... talk about feeling like you were the queen for the day! Part of the treatment was the sheer anticipation of it! Ladies, please do this for yourself... seriously, it will make you so ... happy! And when momma's happy.... EVERYBODY'S happy!

There is something about receiving touch too... that is so powerful. A touch can release such tension and stress... it is said that we should receive something like 13 hugs a day. I am definitely experiencing a deficit in that area; touch is so healing, even as i was receiving these treatments I could hear God ministering to me, loving me and healing me. We need each other so much... especially as the Church, God's Kingdom community, experiencing God's power in us and sharing God's love between us.... reaching the World with His Good News. Bringing HIS touch to a lost world....

So, now, that I am totally spoiled and ruined for normal life.... I know better, the "normal Life" He has called me to is anything BUT normal in this world... I, We, are part of HIS Kingdom... to bring Him Glory by sharing His love, His touch (Jesus) in our lives and to the lost ones around us. This is after my facial... my skin was GLOWING. I had to take a picture!


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