"Any moment now, he's going to take a look at me and say, "you are totally not worth it."...... "You ARE worth it!"

This is a line from the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - if you have not seen the movie, it is a cute movie of a gal who is of course, Greek, and she is in her 30's - in the beginning you see her very dejected, homely, and hopeless - and then the story shows how the person inside of her finally comes out and you see a beautiful, funny, woman emerge. And of course, a handsome, kind man comes into her world and "discovers" her.... he is not Greek and it is quite comical to see the vast differences between their families and beautiful, how lovingly he bridges the gap to be with her. I must put a disclaimer - their courtship is patterned after the "world's" order, please don't think i am endorsing that pattern - would not it be wonderful to see a movie like this in which they KEPT themselves and did it God's way.... anyhow, there are some good things in the story that totally blessed me...

The part in which he lovingly bridges the gap.... to be with her ... is what blesses me! He assures Tula (the gal) of his love, and embraces her family. He gets baptized into the Greek Orthodox church to get her father's approval; this was quite an ordeal! The family meets at the church, the liturgy being spoken and followed as he is covered with slimy oil and dunked three times into a little pool of water in front of the family. As Tula is watching the whole thing transpire, she whispers to her brother next to her, "any moment now, he's going to take a look at me and say, "you are totally not worth it".... to which her brother replies, "YOU ARE WORTH IT!" She melts.

This line bounced out at me. I have been studying Ephesians lately, and this line brought to mind the first chapters in which Paul is telling us HOW precious we are to God - He has loved, blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted and redeemed us! We are RICH in Jesus and we are WORTH the blood of His Son!!

Sometimes, no many times, I have seen myself through the eyes of Tula - such a misfit, hungry for more yet feeling so ugly, rejected... unworthy. Yet, My Prince says I am Worthy and He has chosen to go ALL the WAY for me - being BAPTIZED into DEATH... even death on a Cross - for me, to be with me! How Great HIS LOVE is for me. I embraced this last night as i laid down in my bed... and tears came to my eyes as I realized His love for me and how He sees me... Worthy of His Love. His sacrifice. His riches. I am His. How precious is That!


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