The Stranger

Some friends of mine lent me a video series called "the Stranger" - 6-7 mini-video's; each is one of Jesus' most well known scenes or parables. Stories such as The Prodigal son, Mary and Martha, the woman at the well; each of these are portrayed in a modernized way. Jesus "shows up" as a Stranger, meeting the person, speaking into their world Truth, Grace, Hope and Love. Each story illustrates powerful Truth in a fresh, very personal way. As I watched them, an ache in my heart rose. How wonderful it would be to meet Jesus; to interact with Him as this video portrays. He simplifies the mess, pulls out the real issue and reminds us that though details change, Truth does not.

Several years ago there was a tv show called, "Touched by an Angel" - there was some controversy over that show - was it sound? But, you know what, it too brought SUCH encouragement to weary, hungry hearts reminding us: God LOVES You!

We search and search for significance when really, our value comes from the Creator of the Universe who died so that we could be with Him. How incredibly priceless is that!? This was one piece of Truth that spoke to me as i watch these powerful video's. I am valuable because of WHO created me!

And finally, to know, HE never leaves us. He calls and longs for us to be in relationship with him: to do things with Him and for Him because we love Him. To grow in knowledge of Him - and the more we know of Him - the More we love Him... because He first Loved us.

Sometimes these truths get so far away from us, it takes an incident like meeting a "stranger" to remind us.


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