Happy Fourth of July!

See, I am becoming a pretty good sailor!! Kind of bright huh!?
That's me behind Bethany's slice of watermelon... truly blissful - sittin' on a sailboat, chowin' down on watermelon!

A few more times out and I will have this down!!! maybe....
The best place on the boat to take a nap.... until the wind picks up and you about roll off!!
Heading out to the Peach Festival tonight.... will try to add some more pics if I get some! Happy Independence Day!! POST SCRIPT... Post Peach Festival... i was too late, all the peach ice cream had been sold and I just walked through watching everyone pack up, oh well - but made up for the disappointment by talking with a friend on my way home, which was sweeter than peach ice cream! :-)


melanie said…
It is like seeing your blog for the first time! My other computer did not show your blog decor..very pretty!

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